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Why Our Customers Choose Sonichem as their Pharmacy

There are many pharmacies available for you to choose from so the question is, what sets us apart from the rest?

There are many answers that can be given to this question and we could say we are very professional and dedicated to what we do, but then again, our competitors could say the same.

We believe that our success has come in part to the following reasons:


Since our inception in 1983 we have proudly only sourced medicine from UK suppliers and thereby refrained from obtaining cheaper European imports as most of our competitors do.Often these imported products have instructions in foreign languages without any translation to English. 

Whenever we dispense a medication, we always put ourselves in the patient’s shoes; imagine the distress and confusion it would cause an elderly person if they could not decipher the writing on a box of medicine they were given to take.  Basically, if it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for anyone we dispense to.


Alongside our dedication to supplying our patients with the best of British, we also keep the brands of generic medicines we use as constant as we possibly can. Again we source our medicines from UK suppliers and where possible get a consistent supply from Teva, our chosen generic supplier.  If a patient has a preferred brand, we do our utmost to get that brand for that patient.

That differs greatly from our competitors including the high street multinational pharmacies who tend to buy their medicines based upon which brand is cheapest in that month (prices of drugs change on a monthly basis) and that means that their customers can expect to receive different brand each month.  Potentially this can have a detrimental effect on the patient as different companies use different formulations to make the same medication.

We despise this practice and choose to put our patients needs first instead of thinking about our pockets.


You may have seen the recent BBC documentary regarding overwhelmed pharmacist’s at a well known high street pharmacy and how this may have been a contributing factor in fatal errors being made.

In 2015, our pharmacy had a complete makeover and one of the things we did was to install a fantastic robotic dispensing system into the store.

This has helped us deliver greater efficiency in our dispensing process whilst enhancing the safety of our operations for the patient as the robot stringently checks to ensure that the product we are dispensing is correct.  Our stress-free pharmacists then do the final checks on the medication before it reaches the patient.

Unlike our competitors, you will not find our pharmacists running around like headless chickens as they have our robot to help them focus on caring for our patients.


Many of our competitors have started to or will soon start to, charge patients for delivery of prescriptions. Most of them also use the postal service to get the medication to your door, so if you are not at home to receive the parcel then you miss out or end up having to travel to the local post office depot to collect the parcel yourself.

We understand that this can be problematic especially for the elderly or housebound and so we will continue to provide deliveries TWICE DAILY, and it’s completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Furthermore, all of our deliveries are done by our friendly driver in our Sonichem Pharmacy Delivery Van, so you and your elderly relatives can have complete peace of mind when we knock on your door.

There are many more examples of how we feel we can help you, feel free to visit us in person or give us a call.  We look forward to providing an excellent service to you!